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Artificial Grass Melbourne – Suitable For Commercial & Residential Uses

Get an elegant look without the annoying upkeep. Installing artificial grass in Melbourne & Geelong homes and commercial landscape settings is today’s alternative to yesteryear’s lush green lawns.

Using the latest technology, we produce lifelike artificial turf products suitable for commercial and residential uses as well as sporting grounds and childcare centres. Without the need for mowing or watering, our easy maintenance, pet friendly synthetic lawns have a natural feel and a natural appearance so you and the family will feel right at home.

Attention to detail and customer service is at the forefront of our business. Our fantastic-looking artificial lawn and synthetic turf can be laid in virtually any area and can be laid on a variety of surfaces for that natural grass feel. Our fake grass can be installed using our recommended installers, or we can assist you to install it yourself. This means a smoother artificial grass installation process for you so you can turn your house into a dream home without the hassle.

Melbourne’s Pet Friendly Synthetic

Our Services

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Grass Installation

Ideal for homeowners, businesses, and organizations seeking a low-maintenance, visually appealing, and sustainable landscaping solution.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Ideal for property owners and businesses looking to keep their synthetic lawns in pristine condition and ensure long-lasting beauty and durability with minimal effort.

Residential Artificial Grass

Residential Artificial Grass

Ideal for homeowners seeking a lush, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly landscaping solution that enhances the beauty of their outdoor spaces.

Commercial Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

Ideal for businesses and organizations looking to create attractive, low-maintenance landscapes that impress customers, enhance outdoor areas, and save on maintenance costs.

Our Guarantees

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Our reputation is everything

Being Australian owned & operated company, we have built a great reputation in Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing, Geelong, and around the country as high quality artificial lawn and grass suppliers by delivering outstanding customer service and providing superior DIY information for your artificial turf installation.

It’s something we won’t compromise on.

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“Installing synthetic grass or turf is the sensible solution for today’s busy lifestyle. Let Reelgrass help make it a reality for you.”
Dennis Smith, Owner / Manager of Reelgrass.


  • Dennis and team are friendly, professional and customer focused. Dennis kept us informed from start to finish and did an amazing job laying our grass. The grass looks real and... read more

    Zoran Kostadinoski Avatar Zoran Kostadinoski
    August 2, 2022

    Dennis did a fantastic job our laying our grass. Great work, very professional and first class service from beginning to the end. Would highly recommend him and his grass.

    Oscar Black Avatar Oscar Black
    August 2, 2019

    Dealing with Dennis was a breeze.The installation was done when he said it was going to be done without a hitch... no surprises! After 3 years, it still looks great.

    Victor Hartig Avatar Victor Hartig
    August 2, 2019
  • Very happy with Reelgrass. Dennis was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. The new grass looks great. Many positive remarks from our niebours, family and friends.

    suzanne bellears Avatar suzanne bellears
    August 2, 2022

    Dennis at Reelgrass demonstrates professionalism with his knowledge and punctuality. We enquired with several different local businesses but we decided to go with Dennis to install artificial turf in our... read more

    Todd Purser Avatar Todd Purser
    August 2, 2022

    Dennis was great to deal with, reasonably priced and performed the job to a high standard

    Bradley Gilham Avatar Bradley Gilham
    April 2, 2023
  • We were extremely happy with the work Reelgrass did at our house. Work was done on time and everything was cleaned afterwards. Dennis was even kind enough to fix a... read more

    Carlos Oraison Avatar Carlos Oraison
    January 2, 2023

    Very impressed with the service and quality of my astro turf installation by Reelgrass. Denis was prompt with quotation and installation, and the result is excellent. People have actually asked... read more

    Tamara Sanders Avatar Tamara Sanders
    January 2, 2023

    Dennis installed Artificial turf way back for our family in 2008 (still to this day the grass looks fantastic) and was thrilled to be working together again for my own... read more

    Lee Broughton Avatar Lee Broughton
    December 2, 2022
  • Fantastic job done by Dennis and the Reelgrass team. Really happy with the result and would not hesitate to recommend them. In fact a neighbour was so impressed with the... read more

    Michelle Bregmen Avatar Michelle Bregmen
    May 2, 2023

    It was a pleasure to work with Dennis to install grass on my property in Geelong. He was very professional from start to finish. I am so happy with the... read more

    Barbara Costa Avatar Barbara Costa
    August 2, 2019

    Great company to deal with had the grass installed on time and the product looks great. Can highly recommend.

    Nicholas Tsiaras Avatar Nicholas Tsiaras
    August 2, 2022
  • Like to thank Dennis & his guy’s ,from Reelgrass for a fantastic job, would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again.

    Frank De Napoli Avatar Frank De Napoli
    January 2, 2023

    Excellent product and price

    Tim Vinar Avatar Tim Vinar
    August 2, 2020

    Dennis is a very professional and experienced artificial grass expert.

    J RAY Avatar J RAY
    August 2, 2020
  • We used Reelgrass to do our backyard and we are thrilled with the result. The job was done efficiently and the trades people were friendly. The grass is great and... read more

    Matt S Avatar Matt S
    August 2, 2022

    Dennis and team were fantastic, the job took two days and they cleaned up as they went. The grass looks fantastic and our dogs love it. I would recommend them... read more

    Sarah Watts Avatar Sarah Watts
    January 2, 2023

    After shopping around, we found Reelgrass to be the most natural looking synthetic grass which is more than competitively priced with other similar products.

    Alan Jalocha Avatar Alan Jalocha
    August 2, 2020
  • Dennis is very professional and down to earth - Absolutely satisfied with the job. Highly recommend!

    Taylah Brown (taylahjadeart) Avatar Taylah Brown (taylahjadeart)
    August 2, 2019

    They offer a great service from start to finish! A pleasure to deal with.

    Grant Ferguson Avatar Grant Ferguson
    August 2, 2019

    Five star service from start to end. Dennis is friendly and professional, explaining the process as he went. We were thrilled with the end result and would not hesitate... read more

    Kris Rivalland Avatar Kris Rivalland
    August 2, 2019
  • Dennis was so professional and efficient. A top job! Highly Recommend!

    Helen Mitas Avatar Helen Mitas
    February 2, 2023
Artificial grass solutions

Artificial grass solutions to suit all applications

Reelgrass have some of the most realistic-looking synthetic grass on the market. Lifelike and durable, all of our 30mm and 40mm artificial turf comes with a 10-year warranty.

Installations include artificial turf for home landscaping, commercial, sports, childcare and school applications. We are your trusted supplier for high-quality fake grass installation services. Speak to one of our experts to get a free quote today.

Why Choose Us

15 Years of Experience 29

15+ Years of Experience

Free Quotes Within 3 Days 8 1

Free Quotes

10 Year Warranty 8 1

10-Year Warranty

Ensuring 100 Customer Satisfaction 7 1

Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction

10 Year Warranty 22

UV Protected to Suit Australian Conditions

Competitive Prices 8 1

Competitive Prices

DIY or Professional Artificial Grass Installation

Reelgrass are the DIY fake grass installation experts; we can recommend which synthetic turf best suits and benefits your lifestyle. We can also provide and supply all the materials you need to complete the job.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to do the job yourself, we have a team of experienced installers ready to turn your dream into reality.

If you have any questions, please phone us on 1300 306 389 or, alternatively, send us an enquiry online and we’ll respond ASAP.

Synthetic & Artificial Grass Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass Melbourne

There are numerous advantages of high-quality artificial grass and synthetic turf products. Many sensible businesses and homeowners nationwide have decided to replace costlier, high-maintenance grass lawns.

The new trend is to cultivate a welcoming, sustainable outdoor space with vibrant artificial lawn alternatives.

It provides the perfect solution to stubborn grass issues. It delivers sought-after, year-round kerb appeal with unbeatable low maintenance. Artificial grass products are such a simple, cost-efficient way to transform virtually any residential or commercial space.

Here at Reelgrass, we are dedicated to help you can achieve the perfect lawn with synthetic grass. We’ll help you with choosing the highest quality products to create the ultimate green garden you’ve been dreaming of with long-lasting, artificial turf.

Installing artificial grass offers a range of pros and cons. Consider these important aspects of an artificial lawn when choosing the best synthetic grass to suit your needs and deliver an ever-green, lush lawn you can count on.

Artificial Turf is Ultra-Low Maintenance

Artificial turf is an easy way to provide a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.

Reduce Harmful and Toxic Chemical Exposure

Ready to say goodbye to mowing, watering, and fertilising for good? Taking care of a real lawn usually means using an array of toxic, chemical-laden products and pesticides.

No Need to Trim or Grow

There’s no watering or mowing needed for synthetic turf products, which will soon make tiresome lawn maintenance woes a distant memory! Synthetic grass doesn’t demand any of the laborious chores involved in the upkeep of natural grass.

Super Simple Upkeep

Just sweep or hose down your turf as needed and easily prevent weeds along the edge line with an occasional application of weed killer, then sit back and enjoy your synthetic lawn for years to come.

Never worry about water restrictions or dry spots, especially when caring for large commercial spaces. With green for all seasons synthetic turf, the landscape of any commercial property, backyard, or childcare centre will look flawless, day after day, rain or shine.

Resistant to All Kinds of Weather

Whether the weather is harsh or mild, your lawn never needs to look less than amazing. No matter the climate or forecast, realistic-looking, quality artificial grass will always appear flawless.

Looks Amazing Year Round

Real grass poses problems with excess sunlight and excess water, always challenging those who care for it to find the perfect balance or be punished with an ineffective eyesore.

Rest assured knowing the weather- and drought-proof artificial turf products in your outdoor space will look perfect from season to season with fade-resistant, realistic results.

Homeowners know all too well how troublesome pets and kids can be to a meticulously curated organic frontyard. The owners of high-quality artificial turf can kiss those concerns goodbye!

Allergy-Free and Kid Safe

A synthetic grass backyard is specifically suited for cushioned, safe play without any pesky concerns over grass allergies. Synthetic grass is perfect for play spaces at homes and childcare centres alike. Not to mention, no more mud tracking or grass stains!

Resistant to Wear and Tear from Pets

Not only is artificial turf child friendly, it’s also super pet-friendly. Pet owners don’t have to worry about their furry friends destructively digging holes, and lawns will never look faded due to UV rays or ammonia spots.

Compared to traditional grass, synthetic solutions have been proven more cost-effective. With fewer costs and significantly less demanding upkeep, artificial grass frees owners up to make better use of their time.

Durable and Dependable Results for 10+ Years

With a synthetic lawn, you’ll never need to tend to unattractive patches of overused walkways across the yard. Artificial lawns are also a cost-effective option for spaces surrounding pool areas and rooftops, where natural turf would be difficult to maintain. Best of all? Artificial grass is a long-lasting alternative that does a fantastic job of enhancing your property for up to 15 years!

Resistant to Heavy Foot Traffic

Many fans of artificial lawns love the durability and dependability of these products, even in areas that receive a lot of traffic. That’s because the best artificial grass and synthetic lawn products will maintain their colour and form for many years with very little upkeep.

There is such a broad range of applications for these smart, sustainable landscaping solutions, the sky’s the limit when it comes to enhancing any space with artificial grass.

Great for Athletic Spaces

Artificial grass products are weatherproof and dry quickly, making artificial turf a safe, green alternative for sports activities. Many sports facilities have turned to synthetic grass solutions with great success.

Helpful for Those with Limited Mobility

Additionally, the consistent great look and very little maintenance compared to a natural lawn make artificial grass installation an excellent option for anyone living with mobility issues.

There’ll be no more backbreaking labour in the yard with a new-and-improved, sustainable, synthetic landscape.

Personalised Solutions to Suit Everyone’s Needs

The shape, density, thickness, and pile height of artificial turf can all be tailored to suit your needs and preferences, so your natural-looking fake grass always brings all your favourite qualities to the forefront of your stunning garden.

There are significantly higher upfront expenses involved in converting to artificial turf. However, freely walking barefoot on soft, evergreen landscapes for years to come without ever needing to reseed or mow will surely prove well worth it, especially given the significant cost savings and waste reduction.

A Sustainable Alternative

Who doesn’t want to save on utility expenses? Synthetic lawns come in a huge range of selections to support a sustainable future, all while lowering water and energy consumption for ongoing cost savings year after year. Moreover, many artificial lawns are partially composed of sugar cane to cut down on plastic overuse.

As one of Geelong and Melbourne’s leading providers of artificial turf, Reelgrass has been committed to delivering front and backyard solutions for all sorts of properties.

With the help of our friendly team of artificial turf experts, Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing and Geelong property owners can bid farewell to the tired landscaping traditions of decades past and welcome a wave of savings and benefits brought on by a transition to artificial turf products.

It’s our mission to transform natural turf for the better with technologically enhanced artificial grass installation. We are consistently elevating a diverse range of residential and commercial spaces with specially designed, sparkling green fake grass for a new and improved, easy-to-maintain, naturally beautiful appearance.

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