Artificial lawn is becoming more popular by the day for the versatility, style, and advantages it presents over normal grass. As the years pass, it becomes more challenging to discuss pros and cons and being able to present negatives for artificial turf as it keeps improving over time.

It’s been used for years at arenas and sporting events and is durable enough to take on the wear and tear of these events featuring the world’s top athletes as well. People usually look for synthetic grass in locations that may suffer from droughts or places that experience dry periods during the year when regular grass might struggle to grow.

Let’s run through the pros and cons of artificial grass and see how it stacks up with regular grass.


Saves on water

As water restrictions get tighter and people become more conscious of their water usage, synthetic lawn makes this process a lot easier by allowing homeowners to easily clean their grass without the hassle of watering and maintaining regular grass.

Easier on your wallet

Saving on water dramatically reduces the cost of maintaining your lawn. You’re also able to save more on your costs in the long term with regular grass needing maintenance, lawnmowers, chemicals, and issues that come with changes in the weather and time of year that can cause a dramatic change in the quality of your grass.


Materials used are incredibly durable and are able to withstand the harshest conditions. Moreover, people often have artificial grass installed and can leave it for years without having to worry about maintenance or if it’s going to be able to last.


If you decide you want a different style, colour, or material, you’re able to completely change your lawn relatively quickly with synthetic grass. If you have a less permanent solution installed, you’re able to make this process more streamlined and you can try out different styles whenever you like.

Easy to Clean and maintain

Synthetic turf is able to be vacuumed, swept with a broom, and if there’s any extra mess, you can easily hose the grass down. Whereas regular grass is a lot harder to maintain and you have to be careful introducing water into the mix because you can end up with muddy patches or changes in the surface.


It can get hot

Artificial lawn can get really hot during warmer periods of the year and it can retain heat under the sun whereas regular grass usually never gets too warm.


Although it’s not perfect, artificial turf is getting pretty close and it’s becoming harder and harder not to recommend it to people. Even with the cons and downsides that can come with it, the thought of having a durable, flexible, and budget-friendly grass solution becomes more enticing.

If you’re looking to get artificial grass installed for your lawn or have any questions, get in touch with the team at Reelgrass and our friendly staff will help you out.